Cloud computing has taken on major popularity in both the business and educational world.  It also is increasingly popular in the personal sector of computer use.  With the ability to access whatever you need anywhere, cloud computing is the way of the future.  Here are some of the benefits of cloud computing.

Unbridled Flexibility

When you have cloud computing, you have the ability to upscale or downscale as needed.  That means that you have all of the machines that you need.  You can also access your equipment from anywhere you decide to authorize.  In other words, it makes it much easier to work from home or to move offices.  You can even access your cloud from the conference room to make presenting easier.

Initial Costs Are Cut

When you start a business, there is a lot of expenses.  A typical expense is the computer hardware.  With cloud computing, you no longer need to purchase expensive hardware.  All you need is client PCs to connect to the cloud.  Anything you can do to cut down startup costs will help your business.

You also won’t need to operate your own data center.  All of the data is stored offsite on the networks of the cloud computing company.  This typically means better physical and digital security because that is a big portion of what a cloud computing company has to offer.

Always Updated

Do you hate having to perform computer updates?  Then cloud computing is definitely for you.  Instead of doing them yourself, the company that maintains the servers also performs updates for you.  You never have to worry about them again.  Every time you log into the cloud, you know that you are getting the most updated versions.

The same goes for files on the network.  Whenever you access them, you know you are getting the most updated files.  This is because every time someone saves their file, it saves to the server.

Faster Processing With Better Performance

Utilizing cloud computing means that a good portion of the work is done on the side of the cloud.  If you were running all that work on a single machine it would start to slow it down.  Instead, it is spread out over the servers that make up the cloud.  Your computer is also left with more memory.

Less work conducted on the actual computer means that a far less powerful client machine is needed.  You will only need to compare the machine you are using, with the tools that you need.  For some they might need multiple monitors, for example, and to meet that requirement you might need upgraded graphics cards in your machines.


With cloud computing, it is easy to share files among coworkers.  It even means that coworkers can do more together and work on team projects.  It is quicker than emailing files back and forth.  You can still easily track changes and who made them.  Many pieces of software already have this as a feature, for example, Microsoft Office has Track Changes.

Only The Energy You Need

Cloud computing means that you upsize when you need it and if you don’t need computers, you downscale.  This means that you are being as green as possible.  You are only using the computing power you need and the corresponding maintenance.  A lot of companies struggle with the process of being green.  Without a data center, powerful computers, and the cooling required for both, you will save a lot of money as a whole.

Post-Disaster Recovery

Should a disaster happen there will be a lot of recovery to start performing.  From office furniture to time lost, disasters dole out a lot of damage.  When you cloud compute, though, you don’t need to worry about recovering your computers.  Since all of the data is stored in offsite areas or fire safe areas, your data will be safe.

Have you or your company not moved to the cloud yet?  There are a lot of options out there to connect your office with cloud computing.  Now that you know the benefits you should be ready to make the move.  With all of the benefits, it would be crazy not to.