Merchant Services

Find out what merchant services we have and how you will benefit when you choose to do business with us.

Merchant Services

If you need merchant services, CPJ Solutions has you more than covered. With more than a decade of experience behind us, CPJ Solutions is more than just an industry leader—we’re an industry definer. Find out for yourself by contacting CPJ Solutions today or just keep reading to learn about the leading-edge services we offer.
Merchant Services

CPJ Solutions provides transaction processing solutions to some of the world’s largest business and financial institutions. Since we have been in the business for some time, we have built a strong relationship with all of the major credit card companies and are both CISP and PCI compliant. As such, using CPJ Solutions’ merchant services ensures your business’s success in processing transactions through these companies. Our specific merchant services include

•    Offshore merchant accounts for those businesses that Visa or MasterCard consider “high risk”
•    Business financing through cash advance for businesses wanting to expand but lacking adequate financial resources
•    Virtual credit card terminals for processing real time credit card transactions via the Internet

Additional Services: Gateway Services

The gateway services are meant to be a bridge between your POS software and the authorization and capture networks. We primarily provide solutions for different payment processing needs including:

•    Batch processing
•    Check processing
•    Credit card processing
•    Recurring billing
•    Wireless credit card processing

Additional Services: Web Site Services

CPJ Solutions’ ecommerce solutions go beyond transaction processing. The first thing any business must acquire if it intends to sell online is a web site, its ecommerce storefront. CPJ Solutions provides different levels of web site services based on different needs. This ranges from a simple brochure web site to a complete ecommerce web site.

Putting Everything Together

What makes CPJ Solutions so great is that these services—which fulfill all your ecommerce needs—integrate together perfectly, producing one complete, functioning web business. Find out more about any of CPJ Solutions’ individual web site, gateway, or merchant services by completing the quick contact form found on the right of this screen or calling (866) 640-8282 to speak with a sales representative.