Online Credit Card Processing

Learn about the benefits of online credit card processing and how CPJ Solutions can help you do it.

Ever since Diners’ Club issued the first credit card in 1950, this form of payment has become a favorite of shoppers worldwide. This has become especially true in recent years as buying on the Internet has risen in popularity and credit card have remained the preferred method when it comes to making electronic payments. For this reason, the success of your web business depends on whether or not you are able to do online credit card processing.

If your business is not already meeting its ecommerce potential, there’s no better time to begin than now. CPJ Solutions, an industry leader in payment gateway services, can fulfill all of your online credit card processing needs. To find out how, contact CPJ Solutions today or just keep reading.

Getting Started with Online Credit Card Processing

You must obtain a credit card merchant account before you can begin to accept credit card payments online. This account acts as the bridge between your credit card machine or web site and the credit card processing networks like Visa and MasterCard. Because CPJ Solutions has an established relationship with all the major credit card companies, the complication and frustration that often accompany the process of obtaining a merchant account are eliminated.

CPJ Solutions’ Credit Card Services

Once your merchant account has been set up, CPJ Solutions takes care of the rest. Online Charge, our online credit card processing system, integrates seamlessly with your merchant account and includes the following features:

•    Rapid order processing
•    Acceptance of all major credit cards
•    Access to the Online Merchant Center
•    Fraud prevention and detection
•    Industrial-strength security screening

Additional Payment Processing Services

CPJ Solutions’ services go well beyond online credit card processing. Follow any of the links below to find out more about the different payment processing options.

•    ACH processing
•    Batch processing
•    Check processing
•    Recurring billing
•    Wireless credit card processing

Find out more about online credit card processing or any of CPJ Solutions’ credit card services by completing the quick contact form found on the right side of this screen or by calling (866) 640-8282 to speak with a sales representative.